Moving as a Senior or Dealing with an Estate Sale: What You Need To Know

Friday Feb 4th, 2022

Senior Couple

When moving as an older adult, more things need to be taken into consideration. These things include whether or not you will have an estate sale, the size of home you need to downsize effectively, and whether or not you need care where you will be living.  Amenities available and recreation or social activities around your new place of residence will also need to be considered. Since moving house as a senior requires a bit of extra care, there are some things you need to know before you... [read more]

Home Maintenance Pitfalls: What You Need To Know About Taking Care of Your Home

Friday Mar 11th, 2022


When you purchase a property, you fully intend to keep it well taken care of. You give it a fresh coat of paint, make sure everything is clean as can be, and keep your eye on glaring problems such as water damage or an aging roof. That said, there are some home maintenance mishaps that you may be guilty of that could end up gouging your pockets down the line. Letting Your Gutters Go  When your gutters are clean, water drains the way it’s supposed to: away from your foundation.... [read more]

Everything You Should Know About Selling and Moving with Pets

Thursday Apr 7th, 2022

Moving with pets

Selling your house and uprooting your life to somewhere new is both an exciting and stressful time. The prospect of a new beginning coupled with anxiety-inducing staging, showings, and an investment transfer can take over your mind. For some, the excitement wins out. For others, the stress takes the front seat. This fact is especially true for your pets. They aren't privy to the excitement that comes with a fresh start. That’s why it’s vital to make your move as seamless as... [read more]

Planning for Retirement: What Type of Home Do You Want to Grow Old In?

Sunday Dec 4th, 2022


Getting into the real estate market can be challenging when you're young. That is especially true in today's market and economy. That said, when you've already owned a home, paid off a mortgage, and are now ready to settle into the retirement phase of your life, different challenges can arise.  That is why it's vital to pay attention to specific details. What type of lifestyle do you see yourself having? Do you have a hobby you want to dive into now that you've... [read more]

Tips and Tricks to Take the Guesswork Out of Home Buying

Monday Jan 9th, 2023


A lot goes into purchasing a new property, and for many people, it will be the most significant investment they ever make. Because of the sheer cost of home ownership, being ready from all avenues is the best way to make the entire process seamless and stress-free. If you’re ready to jump into the real estate market or up or downsize your current property, there are things you should know before diving into the deep end. For Starters When you’re buying your first home, there... [read more]



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