Moving with pets

Everything You Should Know About Selling and Moving with Pets

Thursday Apr 07th, 2022


Selling your house and uprooting your life to somewhere new is both an exciting and stressful time. The prospect of a new beginning coupled with anxiety-inducing staging, showings, and an investment transfer can take over your mind. For some, the excitement wins out. For others, the stress takes the front seat.

This fact is especially true for your pets. They aren't privy to the excitement that comes with a fresh start. That’s why it’s vital to make your move as seamless as possible when selling and moving with pets.

The Selling Process with Pets 

When selling, there are several things you need to do to prepare your house for the market. Maybe you have to do a few minor upgrades or stage your house for prospective buyers. This process—which often involves strangers coming in and out of your home—can be taxing on your pets.

Showings also add to that level of anxiety because of the heavy foot traffic. Having your door open to buyers is crucial, but when you have pets, it also increases the risk that they’ll make a run for it to escape all the commotion. These added stressors are difficult to cope with during the selling process, and since it’s already stressful enough, you’ll want to make sure that you do everything you can to keep those feelings at bay.

For your pets, you may want to consider having a pet-friendly neighbour, friend, or relative look after them while you complete all these presale steps. This way they won’t have to witness all the changes going on, and if they aren’t there to see it, the moving process will be that much easier on them.

Moving Day Tips 

Studies have found that the actual day you move can be hard on your furry family members. When the time comes for movers to begin loading everything into their truck, make sure your pet is in a safe place away from all the commotion. Putting them up in a boarding daycare for pets during the move is a great way to keep them away from the confusion and their stress levels down. 

New Home, New License 

Once you and your pet have settled into your new digs, the next step is getting their paperwork and vet information organized. If your move took you far from your old house, you likely need to set your pet up with a new vet.

Call around the area and find one you like and be sure that your old vet transfers all their health records over so that the new vet has everything they need to continue to provide your pet with the appropriate care. Lastly, if your move takes you out of the province, you may also have to apply for a new license for your pet and update their chip information so that it is up to date with the new address.

Moving is no easy feat. For pets, it’s that much more difficult because they don’t get to feel the excitement involved. Making it easier on them will help keep their stress levels down and the transition much simpler when you choose to move to a new location.

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