Home Maintenance Pitfalls: What You Need To Know About Taking Care of Your Home

Friday Mar 11th, 2022


When you purchase a property, you fully intend to keep it well taken care of. You give it a fresh coat of paint, make sure everything is clean as can be, and keep your eye on glaring problems such as water damage or an aging roof. That said, there are some home maintenance mishaps that you may be guilty of that could end up gouging your pockets down the line.

Letting Your Gutters Go 

When your gutters are clean, water drains the way it’s supposed to: away from your foundation. When they become blocked, they can cause a host of problems, from water damage in your roof to a continuous cascade of water into your foundation. Because of these risks, cleaning out your gutters every single season is a must on your to-do list. You don’t want what was left of winter to cause problems in spring, so it’s best to have it taken care of every time the seasons change.

Ignoring Stains on Your Walls or Ceiling 

Stains on the walls or ceilings tell a pretty concerning story. In most cases, the markings convey a long-term water leak somewhere in your home. Water damage isn't only bad for your home. It can also harbour harmful mould that could be harmful to your health. Getting these stains addressed as quickly as possible will help prevent further damage and get you on the right path to fixing the issue. 

Using a Power Washer 

Power washers are highly effective when cleaning the outside of your house. However, the sheer force of the water can cause damage to your home. You could have aluminum siding, brick, or even crumble stucco and still be at risk of causing an issue because of the pressure of the power washer.

Pretending You Don’t Have an Attic or Crawl Space 

Many people avoid their crawl spaces or attics entirely, but this is a mistake. These areas need cleaning at least twice every calendar year. While that may seem like a lot, leaving it alone can cause easily fixable problems to turn into complete nightmare home renovations.

Using the Wrong Cleaning Supplies 

Every person tends to have their cleaning supplies of choice, and while there's no problem with that, some products can damage surfaces and fixtures if used on the wrong surfaces or fixtures. For example, many people turn to vinegar as a natural way to clean their homes. Vinegar isn't an effective all-in-one solution, though. It can damage hardwood, for example. The trick is picking the proper cleaning supply for each surface or fixture of your home. 

You Didn’t Get The Permits 

Permits are a big deal, and you’ll need to make sure that you have the correct paperwork if you want to perform some maintenance tasks. The city often requires permits for things such as window replacement or fencing, and without checking with them first, you could end up having to re-do or change what you’ve done on your own dime. When looking to make any potential improvements to your property, you'll have to run the idea by the city first. Otherwise, you may end up with a big headache and an even bigger bill for the project. 

Pride of ownership describes people who simply take care of their investment. In the case of home maintenance, making sure you’re doing the right things is crucial to keeping the value and state of your home where it should be.


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