Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent

Wednesday Jul 06th, 2022


Selling or buying a home can be a stressful process. That said, if you have an excellent REALTOR™️, the process is a lot easier. It can be hard to determine who's suitable for you based simply on their bio. They are selling themselves, after all. If you want to get to the bottom of whether or not your real estate agent is good for you, you have to ask the right questions.

Get Into Their History 

Don't be afraid to dig deep into their professional history. Knowing who the agent is on this level will give you insight into how they perform on the job and their areas of expertise. It will also help you determine how well they do their job.

For example, an agent with three decades of experience may seem like a sure thing. However, years don't always equal more experience. An agent that does 50 transactions a year will be better equipped to do the job even if they've only been in the industry for half the time. 

Know Their Strategy 

Every REALTOR™️ incorporates their own unique strategy and flair when it comes to buying and selling homes. You want to use that to your advantage when choosing who's suitable for you. Find out their strategies and see how they sit with you.

The type of strategies they use is just as important as how many. Each REALTOR™️ should have at least two different ways of going forward with the purchasing or selling of your home. A plan B or even a plan C will benefit you if plan A doesn't work out how you and your agent had imagined it would.

Figure Out If They're a Team Player or Lone Wolf 

Some agents work with a team, while others prefer to go it alone. You want to know which one your potential REALTOR™️ is. Sometimes, a real estate agent may have an entire team working with them, which means you'll get much less face time with them than you may hope. If you want to work with an agent personally, you'll want to ensure they won't pass you off to someone else.

Explore Their Value 

Real estate agents offer various services that can help move the sale or purchase of a home forward. You want to check in with your potential REALTOR™️ before signing any contracts to ensure that the services you need will be available. Ask them what value they bring to the table by inquiring about their services, and you'll know if they can handle the job.

Don't Forget Marketing 

Marketing is often a large part of buying and selling real estate. Without good marketing, how will people know you're looking to sell? You want to inquire about what type of marketing they offer, where your home will be advertised, and how quickly things can move from someone asking about the house and actually seeing it.

Knowing these five essential aspects of how your potential REALTOR™️ does business will give you a clear idea about who they are and what they can do for you in the purchasing or selling of your home.


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