Things to Look Out for When Viewing a Property

Friday Aug 05th, 2022


When buying a new home, you often have an idea of what you're looking for. Maybe you want an open concept kitchen with a lot of natural light. Or maybe what you're looking for is a backyard oasis. 

While these homeownership aspects are essential, you must pay extra attention to other factors when purchasing a property. Why? Because in the long run, aesthetic fixes are easy. Other more structural issues could end up costing you later. 

Age Matters 

The age of the house is perhaps one of the most critical aspects of the property. While many older homes have been updated to modern standards, they may hide some older materials that can cause a massive headache down the line. 

Many older homes do not have modern wiring, plumbing, or insulation. Updating these will cost much more than slapping on a coat of paint or installing new kitchen cabinetry. You want to consider the updates you need to make and weigh the options when looking at older homes.

The Importance of Electrical 

The electrical work done on your house is vital to not only keeping your home lit but also your safety. You want to examine the panels, whether or not they are up to date when it comes to current standards, and check the wiring. Is it aluminum or copper?

Get to Know the Location

Location is the one thing that no amount of money can change when you purchase a property. Does the neighbourhood seem safe for you and your family? Are you going to be scared to walk your dog alone at night?

It would be best if you addressed these questions before you buy. Knowing the neighbourhood, how safe it is, and whether or not it fits into your current lifestyle will save you from purchasing in an area you won't want to call home.

Consider Parking 

Parking can be a hassle that many people don't consider. If you have two cars, purchasing a property with only one parking spot won't fit your needs. Street parking in many areas costs money. 

In some places, you cannot even park on the street between certain hours or overnight. That's why thinking about parking is crucial to buying a property that checks all the boxes.

Make Sure the Appliances Work 

Appliances can look beautiful and run poorly. The last thing you will want to do is replace every appliance in the home because you didn't check to see if they were in working order. Appliances aren't cheap, and when you have to shell out all your hard-earned cash on a property, you want to make sure it's an investment and not a money pit.

Buying a property is stressful, especially if you don't know what you're looking for. Make sure you're paying attention to the right things, and you will end up with a safe property that meets all your needs and feels like home.  

Disclaimer: We are not home inspectors. We always recommend using a licensed home inspector before buying a home. These are just quick tips to look for before you take that step.


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